VPS without connectivity problem, into bolivia
And very cost effective

VPS2017 Little

  • 1 vCore
  • 64MB DDR3
  • 4GB SSD
  • Connectivity 10Mbps
  • LXC container
  • 29Bs/Month
  • Out of stock

VPS2017 Basic

  • 2 vCore
  • 256MB DDR3
  • 256MB Super Swap
  • 15GB SSD
  • Connectivity 1Gbps
  • LXC container
  • 79Bs/Month
  • Remain only 188
  • Buy >

VPS2017 Pro

  • Dedicated hardware
  • 4 vCore
  • 2GB DDR3
  • 2GB Super Swap
  • 110GB SSD
  • Connectivity 1Gbps
  • LXC container
  • 299Bs/Month
  • Available 22
  • Buy >

Pay with:

Banco bcp Banco ecofuturo Banco economico Banco fassil Banco fortaleza Farmacorp

And even more!

Included with your VPS

SLA99% (1)

Confiared <-> Confiared100Mbps (include all our Internet customers)
Confiared -> Internet2Mbps
Internet -> Confiared10Mbps

IP1 IPv6 included

ManagementOnline manager

Operating systemsDebian
Pre-installed CMS

ShutdownAutomatic shutdown if not rewed after the expiration
Penalty to reopen a vps after the expiration
  1. Depending of ours responsability
  2. We are free too abitary limit to improve the network quality, fight againts DDOS attack, ...

Optional features for your VPS

IPv41 IPv4 ondemand
a reverse proxy to acces to your website from IPv4

Technical support by hoursTo transfer, try repair an error, take again the control over your website and other sysadmin tasks of high level.

Automated backupOn same hardware and disk space you have automated diffencial backup for how many days you wish. And remote backup.
It's accessible (you see directly your file tree), safe (read only from vm, can't be destructed), don't need lock your data (no freeze), reliable (perfect snapshot include if is write in progress), space save (only the difference is saved)
  1. We are free too abitary limit to improve the network quality, fight againts DDOS attack, ...


ResponsibilityThe customer is responsive of their content!
We are not reponsive of data lost (pirated, hardware problem, customer error, ...)

The forbidden content:Illegale content for the bolivian laws
Porno or sexual content
Incitement to violance, illegale or imoral act

We imediate close the hosting for:Clear infringement of leyes or contract
Ordened by justice
Clear copyright infringement

Why VPS by LXC?

The LXC container allow a good FS tree integrity and accessible to recover from the host and repair the container. Include with backup option allow recover the most common problem

It maximise the resources by having better OS perception to minimise the overhead. No overhead for dedicated hardware.

Mutualise some resources. That's allow to have to 100% of the server performance during a load peak at faction of the price for the cheapest offers.