Additional services

Our partners can provide for your VPS

PriceTo define with the customer
DetailsAll the service is to be better defined with the customer, explained. We don't are responsive of problem with our partners

General serviceNetwork, servers, internet services, website creation

Nginx + Cache+50% average more performance, DOS Mitigation
Nginx + SuperCache + Cookie less + advanced optmisation8x average more performance, less bandwith, traffic Spike Mitigation
High availabilityHigh availability, and load balancing
OtherEmail, dns, databases, https

SecuritySecurity enforcement, audit

Housing 1U

  • Same network than the VPS
  • 0.5A (0,12 KVA) max
  • Installation: 2000Bs
  • Ipv6 included, IPv4 is additionnal price
  • 500Bs + 5Bs/kWh/Month