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Smart Internet connection for your home and office
Fast for every site and pear into Santa Cruz

Pay with:

Banco bcp Banco ecofuturo Banco economico Banco fassil Banco fortaleza Farmacorp

And even more!

Local trafic100Mbps (for P2P, torrent, web site/ftp into our datacenter, ...)
Other trafic2M

IPPublic IPv6 included, IPv4 via NAT (no public IPv4 address)
  1. We are free too abitary limit to improve the network quality, fight againts DDOS attack, ...
  2. 100Mbps in upload for local else 1Mbps max

ResponsibilityThe customer is responsive of their content!

The forbidden content:Illegale content for the bolivian laws
Porno or sexual content
Incitement to violance, illegale or imoral act

We imediate close the hosting for:Clear infringement of leyes or contract
Ordened by justice
Clear copyright infringement

Why high speed local internet?

The local high speed allow send and receive fastly with your friends, your company. Connect at full speed all your offices

The IP public allow to you to mount your own services, it's great for entrepreneurship

All with the last technologies to have better Internet quality