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Peering with the datacenter

Peering Policy

We own datacenters in Bolivia (Santa cruz e la sierra) and ISP customer.
We are running around 1 Datacenters, > 50 Servers, > 250 VM. Traffic Level is around 100 Mbps
Our traffic ratio is heavy outbound and our policy is open.


We use a ticketing system to contact us for peering purposes.
Please send an email to with detailed information.
We may not reply immediately, so please be patient !
If you want faster reply, please configure your side first.

Peering on Private Peering

Our BGP peering policy is open, we have SPF and SPF+ port free
Traffic with the peer ASN should be at least around 20Mbps peak to start discussing about PNI.

Internet exchange point

Maximum Prefixes

We announce around 200 IPv4 prefixes and 10 IPv6 prefixes. As we are growing fast, we suggest to set the following maximum-prefixes :
IPv4 : 300 prefixes
IPv6 : 50 prefixes