Virtual private server

A fast website improve drastically the sell of your products

VPS Basic


  • 2 vCore
  • 0.5GB vMemory
  • 15GB SSD
  • Shared Hardware




  • 4 vCore
  • 4GB vMemory
  • 110GB SSD
  • Dedicated hardware


VPS Ultra

A partir de $115/mo

  • 16 boosted vCore
  • 32GB vMemory
  • 1.5TB SSD RAID0/1/5
  • Dedicated hardware
  • Custom hardware available

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Eco friendly

We go along with you on optimization of your software and website to protect the environment and limit your IT expenses. Our data centers use unique technology to optimize performance, reduce electricity consumption and reduce your carbon footprint.

Performance with ConfiaCache, CDN, HTTP2, PHP7
Integrated domain buy without configuration
Security with HTTPS

Additional options

Backup incremental, keep backup of the last days
Remote backup to protect against hardware failure
Floating IP, native IPv6, BGP

Confiared <-> Confiared1000Mbps connectivity
Internet <-> Confiared1Mbps (100Gb transfer)
Shared CDN/Streaming server10Gbps

IP1 IPv6 included
BGPContact us

ManagementOnline manager
StatisticsYou can see the statistics of your VPS directly from the manager
AlertsAlert when your site (specific url) is down. With keyword detection if needed.

Operating systemsDebian
Pre-installed CMS
... and more
ArchitectureAarch64 (ARM 64Bits)
SecurityWe have best rate of security and we are open to bug bounty to reinforce the security

ShutdownAutomatic shutdown if not renewed after the expiration
Charge for reopen a vps after the expiration

Datacenter for customerHosting Bolivia, VPS Bolivia
  1. The content and activity of a VPS is directly the responsibility of the customer
  2. We are free to limit speed to improve the network quality, fight againts DDOS attack, ...

IPv4IPv4 upon request, if available
a reverse proxy to access your site from IPv4

Technical support by hoursTo transfer, repair an error, take again the control over your website and other sysadmin tasks of high level.

Automated backupIncremental Backup is done in the same hardware and hard disk space, it is a daily backup for 30 days ago (configurable). What allows you to restore from the desired date
Remote Backup it protects you from hardware failures.
  1. We are free to arbitrary limit to improve the network quality, fight against DDOS attack, ...

ResponsibilityThe customer is responsible of their content!
We are not responsible of data lost (pirated, hardware problem, customer mistakes)

The forbidden content:Illegal content for the Bolivian laws
Pornography or sexual content
Incitement to violence, illegal or immoral acts
The forbidden content out of CDN:Big content, streaming or other with extensive bandwidth usage

We immediate close the hosting for:
  • Clear infringement of laws or contract
  • Ordened by justice
  • Clear copyright infringement
Full IPv6 support